Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jumping Lizard tails and Crippled Scorpians

Hey all you wonderful followers! Our day started out with a wonderful 4:20 am wake up call from our group "Mom" Jean! Luckily we weren't rudely awaken... (never with Jean) It's always a cheery song! Anyways, the St. Louis group were heading back to the states this morning, so we decided to get up and say goodbye. We then went back to bed, (did you seriously think we would be ready for the day at this time of morning?) When we woke up the second time we really felt the absence of the other group. We were sad to see them go, because the last couple of days we had just started getting to know them. We knew we now had to step up and work twice as hard as before to keep progress going. Before we had 21 hands, and now we are down to 11. So here we were this morning, extrememly exhausted, yet ready to work...(okay some of know who you are :D) I was so impressed by our team this afternoon! We all stepped up and worked super hard and ended up pouring 35 bags of cemement in an hour and a half! Our goal for tomorrow is to finish all our work here, so we can spend our last say of the camp with the kids at the school.Which by the way are absolutely amazing! I thought kids in the U.S were great! Each day they come over to watch us work, greet us, and give us hugs during their breaks. It really is a huge encouragement and motivator to see the kids faces. They remind us why we are here.Please pray that God will give us physical strength tomorrow and help us work through soreness!
So far on this journey we have been fortunate not to have seen any varments until today. Poor Mackenzie was working very hard shoveling gravel when she thought she saw a rock move. She looked down and to her dismay was a 1 inch Scorpian!! She leaped backward and yelled to the boys; who of course decided to capture it and place it in a bucket. Some where along the ride the scorpian got a crippled pincher. After the work was finished the boys and I went to "lizard land" to catch a lizard, in hopes of enjoying a little scorpian-lizard competetion. After about seven different lizards...and a tail later, we finally captured one. Our first lizard escaped us, leaving us with his wonderful tail. Interesting fact: lizard tails jump around when they fall off! Anyways, we placed the lizard in the bucket along with a stick bug (just for the pre show). Unfortunately the scorpian just sat there. Even after Zach eventualy made it mad and practically placed the lizard on top of it, it did nothing. We left it there over night to see who the winner will be in the morning. We all placed bets on the stick bug!
That's all for tonight! Thank you so much for your prayers and support!
Much LOVE!

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  1. Well Mac dad warned you about the scorpians. It sounded like a interesting day! We cont to pray for you and your hardwork is well appreciated. We love you all and cont to be safe.

    All of us back home