Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finishing our time in Reque

First off, I apologize for the absence of a blog post for a couple of days. We have been in the midst of traveling and have not had internet access...

We were (and are) glad to be done hauling cement. 54.5 tons of it in one day. In ten little buckets and four wheelbarrows. I don't know the stats for the whole week, but I assure you it was much more than I ever want to do again... If I never see a cement mixer for the rest of my life, it will be too soon.

But every one of us was glad to be there. On Saturday we were able to play with the kids a lot more, thanks to the previously mentioned labor. Every Saturday morning, the parents and teachers get together and play some pretty intense soccer and volleyball games. So we all babysat, thanks to a bunch of candy. In the afternoon we travelled to see the "Lord of Cipan" (pronounced see-pan), who is the South American equivelent of King Tut. Lots of Gold. Lots of beads. And a whole bunch of sweet looking nose-rings. We have had a couple of great opportunities to learn a lot about the pre-Incan cultures of northern Peru. We also got to see the ocean for a while. It was cold (it is winter here) but a couple of the more foolish team members jumped in anyway.

As our 4am wake up call came on Sunday, it was hard realizing what we were leaving. Our work has meant so much to the people at the school. It meant a lot to us to be a part of the work here. We had a good time of reflection on Saturday night, which included a prayer walk around the school for the kids, the teachers, the missionaries here, and for the country of Peru.

We will miss the school and the kids, and they assured us that we would be missed as well. Ken, the head missionary at the school, gave us a chance to help sponsor and adopt some of the kids at the school for only $25 a month. The money goes to helping provide two meals a day for the kids and the materials and teachers in the classroms. There were several people in our group that have chosen to make that committment, and let me assure you, the parents of the children were thrilled. If the students don't have sponsors, they cannot attend more than on a preliminary basis. One of the children's mother was so overjoyed that she brought us some homemade apple pie (slightly different than American pie) one evening, and the child and mother could not stop crying and hugging everyone. Another little girl would not stop hugging one of our team members.

If you want to be a part of that, let us know.

More on our travels tonight after dinner!!!!


  1. Thanks for the post! It's good to hear what's going on. I'm looking forward to the next one after dinner.

    You can put us down to sponsor a child.

    Darrin Stineman
    (Jordan's dad)

  2. Wow..seem everyone had a great time..Nice place isnt...anymore story???

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