Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday June, 26 "I guess you had to be there"

Friday June 26, 2009

We did the impossible today. We finished our work a half a day early. Are team did a lot of work today to get the day off tomorrow. Today’s work: Concrete, concrete and concrete! We made, moved, layed 109,000 lbs of concrete. The worked consisted of the Peruvians doing most of the work and then we helped out. We had rock shovelers, we had sand shovelers, and we had wheel barrelers! It was so very tough work. Last night we got rain and I was told, “It never rains here! Like an inch a year.” My shoes were a bit wet this morning. So we had some nice cloud cover and a breeze and then around 10:30 the sun broke out and said hello! Thanks the SPF 70 I am not burned but have my nice Italian tan going on! A special treat was given to us by the Pastor. He bought us Ceviche which is fish cooked in acid from ripe limes for two days. Throw in some fresh red onion, some Peruvian corn and perfecto! It was very good. The pastor asked if I was married and I said “Si, a Ashley.” Then he smiled big and said, “Ah Ashley!!! Si si si.” So he approves! During our lunch today Mike and Zach played chess and Mike was beaten by a 12 year old. I guess he’s there best player. We were feeling very goofy last night and decided we needed to show the Peruvians that we are very funny! So before lunch, the gringos were all gathered and we called Jose over. Now Jose is pretty short, and we’re a all pretty tall compared to Jose. We were just talking to him then Ben, our fearless leader says, “Peligro” which means danger and he all screamed, hit the ground and covered our heads. Now Jose looks tall but is very startled and just kinda jumps in place and then we all laughed together. We got it on video. If you’re not laughing, well I guess you had to be there.
The Lord is great and we are very blessed to get to spend the rest of tomorrow with the Children. We might get to visit some other places. A few prayer requests would be to pray for our health. A few of us have had the rumblies in our tummy’s. Also for our travel the next few days. We love you guys and are so glad that you are thinking and praying for us. God Bless You!

Travis “I guess you had to be there” Tesone


  1. Sounds like a LOT of work guys! We appreciate your hard work for the Kingdom of God. Our prayers continue to follow you, especially for your tummies!
    Pappa and Momma Swi

  2. Greetings from the Missouri team ,we finally made it home at 5:30 pm today. Thanks again for sending us off at 4:30 am and the great muffins. Nice job in finishing the work there ,we miss you guys a lot and enjoyed working as one team for the LORD.
    Bill Gittemeier

  3. Enjoying all the blog posts! Glad you are feeling better Trav! Praying all tummies will survive the trip! God bless you all for your work for the Lord!! Anxious to hear more when you get home!!

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